Mr. Parthesh Thakkar


There are many good reasons to move to Canada and settle there for good. Whether you’re taken in by the lush landscapes and rocky mountains of Canada, or its lovely cities. Once this beautiful country captures your heart, there’s no looking back.

If you’ve made the decision to move to Canada and live there for good, our experts at Angel EduNext will be more than happy to assist you with immigration.

While immigration to Canada in itself is not exactly difficult, the process does involve several formalities, which can appear quite complicated. That’s where Angel EduNext’s immigration experts step in and handle the tedious task of documentation and file preparation on your behalf.

Immigration to Canada can be done through one of the multiple routes, depending upon which category you fall into.

While there are many Foreign Education and Immigration Consultants for students aspiring to study in Canada out there, not every consultant is equally reliable.

Angel EduNext is an ICCRC approved consultancy for Immigration to Canada.